Rob L's Baseball Memorabilia

circa 1850's Town Ball Bat


c1850s flat barrel town ball bat. These were commonly made from wagon wheels. 31 3/4 long, 2" side on barrel.

circa 1880s Bat

c1880s homemade bat. Square nails have been used to fix a crack in the bat.

circa 1880s - 1890s Reach ring bat

circa 1880s - 1890s ring bat by Reach. The Reach logo can still be seen on this bat.

circa 1860s Lemon Peel Baseball

circa 1860s Lemon Peel Baseball. The earliest type of baseballs used. This ball shows early repairs to seams.

circa 1860s Lemon Peel Baseball

circa 1860s Lemon Peel Baseball. An unusual baseball slightly larger than a golf ball. This ball is more a hybrid between a belt ball and a lemon peel ball based on the unusual seams. It appears that this was made from scrap leather and thus does not have the well defined seams of either type of ball.

circa 1860s Two Piece Baseball

c1860s Two Piece Baseball. This ball is another smaller sized ball and appears to come from a boot. The opening, seen on both sides, appears to be comprised of button holes.

circa 1860s Belt/Gusset Baseball

c1860s Belt or Gusset Baseball. An early small sized town ball with the belt/gusset seam design. Three pieces of leather are used and stitched into this pattern.

Circa 1870s Lemon Peel Baseball

circa 1870s Lemon Peel Baseball. This ball was manufactured as evidenced by the interior seams and the size of the ball (8.5" circumference).


circa 1870s Hybrid Baseball

c1870s hybrid baseball. Another example of a baseball with no discernable seam pattern, a cross between the belt and lemon peel type of baseballs.

circa 1870s Figure 8 Baseball

c1870s figure 8 baseball. A very early handmade figure 8 baseball.

circa 1880s Flat-Seamed Figure 8 Baseball

c1880s flat-seamed figure 8 baseball

1871 Trophy Baseball

1871 Trophy Ball. A trophy baseball between a team called Mechanic against Lehigh University. Mechanic won 27-19.

1864 - First Color Lithograph of a Baseball Game

1864 - American Boy's Book. This book had the first color illustration of a baseball game.

1865 Leslies Illustrated - Crieghton Memorial Woodcut

November 4th 1865 - Leslie's Illustrated woodcut. This illustration is considered the most important by collectors of early baseball woodcuts. Commonly known as the Jim Creighton memorial woodcut as Creighton is displayed with the black funeral shroud around his image. Other important baseball players of the time are in the image as well as a game between the Atlantic and Eckford clubs.

1865 Harper's Weekly Woodcut - Atlantics vs. Athletics

November 18, 1865 - Harper's Weekly Woodcut of the Atlantics of Brooklyn vs. the Athletics of Philadelphia. Note the two boys fighting in the foreground.

1866 Harper's Weekly Woodcut - Atlantics and Athletics

November 3, 1866 - Harper's Weekly Woodcut of the Atlantics of Brooklyn and the Athletics of Philadelphia.

1867 - Harper's Weekly Woodcut - Union Base-Ball Club of Morrisania, NY

October 26, 1867 - Harper's Weekly Woodcut of the Union Base-Ball Club of Morrisania, New York.

1869 Harper's Weekly Woodcut - Red Stockings

July 3, 1869 - Harper's Weekly Woodcut of the Red Stockings. One of the most famous Harper's woodcuts of the first professional team.

1869 Harper's Weekly Woodcut - Red Stockings

July 24, 1869 - Harper's Weekly woodcut. Red Stockings presented with champion bat in Cincinnati.

1882 Harper's Weekly Woodcut - Metropolitans

 August 5, 1882 - Harper's Weekly Woodcut of the Metropolitan Base-Ball Nine. 

1883 Harper's Weekly Woodcut - Boston Base-Ball Club

October 13, 1883 - Harper's Weekly Woodcut of the Boston Base-Ball Club..

1888 Harper's Weekly Cover Woodcut


 July 28, 1888 - Harper's Weekly Cover Woodcut titled "A Ball or a Strike - Which?". One of the most desired woodcuts. Hand colored.


1889 Spaulding's Official Baseball Guide

1889 Spaulding's Official Baseball Guide. A beautiful, completely intact copy.

circa 1880 - Cabinet Cards, Montpelier, VT

c1880 Montpelier, Vt Cabinet Photos. I purchased the single player cabinet first. Two years later, the team photo was auctioned. I jumped on it since it was from the same photographer (Blanchard) in the same city. Some have argued that the player is in both images. You be the judge.

circa 1880s Cabinet Card, unknown Mass. Team

c1880s Team Cabinet Photo, Mass. This was sold as an early 1900s team photo. The bib jerseys, ring bats, and early catchers mask indicate otherwise.

circa 1870s Tintype

c1870s Tintype. Excellent image of an early ball player with a 1/2 bib style jersey.

1895 - 1905 Platinum Print

1895 - 1905 Platinum Print. One of my favorite early images of a player at bat. Check out the detail.

circa 1900 Cabinet Card. Ulysses, NB Team

c1900 Cabinet Card. Ulysses, NB team.

1900 Base Ball Broadside


1900 Broadside for a Webster Base Ball team.

circa 1900 Catchers Mask

c1900 Catchers Mask